Enlightenment of Disruptive Technological Innovation of DARPA

Enlightenment of Disruptive Technological Innovation of DARPA

主题 [8334342]DARPA;[243185]颠覆性;[5737869]技术创新;[2571533]体外

责任者 曹晓阳[1];魏永静[1];李莉[1];张科[2];苗红波[1];安向超[1];刘安蓉[1]

其他语种摘要 As the leader of disruptive innovation,the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency(DAPRA)is followed by more and more countries,governments,as well as large enterprises.They followed the DAPRA’s model to set up innovation management.However,almost no achievement comparable with the DAPRA was realized,and no consensus was reached on how to rebuild another noble DARPA.Viewing the experience of many copies of the DARPA,the explicit structure and operation mechanism are the bases of DARPA’s success,but not the core.This paper,from the perspective of evolutionary theory,analyses the history of the DARPA,and discusses its success factors in terms of growth environment,competitive situation,interest structure,value pursuit and so on.We conclude that DARPA’s success comes from long-term struggle with its development environment,and a strong belief,low selfish departmentalism,a pattern without restrictions from ideas and interests,and a perspective strategic vision are the very important support.From the model of the DARPA,we believe that building a special zone out of the system for innovation management is the key to speed up the disruptive technological innovation.

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